Game User Interface

1. User Interface Defines Game Play [1]
Most game designers don’t realize the fact that user interface can define game play. It is understood that game play is the most important property of a game. No matter how beautiful the 3D images are, or how involving the story is, without good game play a game definitely cannot succeed.

2. The in game menu (Notice: Author: ZinPH, resources is copyrighted under MIT license)

3. The HUD

[1] 2008, Designing User Interface for Games,



  1. […] Game GUI Design […]

  2. Monster said

    If you are not able to design background like God Of War and you want to create game in quality as high as GoW, I do not predict success. End your project now before you get highly disappointed. Your lack of skills is visible as clear as mountain peak at fogless day…

  3. fosarpg said

    Hi Monster, thanks for your comment. We’ve just put our first step in making game, of course our skills are still limited. At the moment, we have no environment concept artist, causing us a lot of difficulties. However we’re not getting dissapointed. It’s just the beginning.

  4. Monster said

    I know that the beginning is very easy, but you will get dissapointed when you will get problems that you have no idea to cope with. Some stages of game developement are very easy but most important stages are the hardest ones. I and my team have been making game which was intedned to be serious big role playing game. We had many problems, including lack of enthusiasm when no money. I speak to you from my experienced point of view and I warn you, that this way is very good if you really want to polish yourself and get more experience, but it is very bad way if you want to finish the project. Now I understand some problems and now I am making games for kids, to get experience and fill in CV with completed project, to start in far future serious game developing.

  5. Quang said

    No problem, if you make the goal as “studying” you can do anything.

  6. bubba said

    @ Monster
    I dont know where you come from and wat youve done. But obviously, the problem that you faced could be not wat they are facing. At this early stage of the game, it s hard to say that they can not make it better than GoW even tho this this their first step. And GoW is nothing to compare with mario.
    @to who ever running this project.
    I already posted my info in gamedev.

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