Update: 10th Aug 2008
Note: The last events are the latest

1. The free open source project (fosp) started. The first to join were Quan, Bach & Huy
2. Dat joined the project as an environmental 3D modeler
3. Khanh joined in as an information moderator
4. Maintained website Khanh took responsibility of project’s content
5. The project were moved to a sub-forum at
6. Operation were moved to google group after had suffered from DOS attack.
7. 3 new members joined in art team
8. Re-organized the project in forum
9. Started to use Simple Game Engine which was developed by a project member
10.3 new members joined: Giang in coding team, Vinh and Duy in 2D graphic: chracter concept & environment concept
11. The first demo was uploaded to Google Code Project and were downloaded over 500 times in 2 weeks by users with ip addresses from many countries: South Africa, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, US, Czech Republic, UK, Germany…
12. Khanh & Quy, old members of joined the project in 2 important positions: Quy managed Game play design and Khanh managed Level design
13. The first complete design was released
14. The project used Normal Mapping for the first time
15. The project started to use NeoAxis Engine in the quest for professional functions.
16. Projects members agreed to send the game to VietGame
17. Mr. Son joined in coding team.


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  1. Quang said

    Great guys.
    All the best.

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